The future of car technology has hit a road block for Volvo as a demonstration for their self-parking car didn't go so well.

During a car demo in the Dominican Republic, an observer was hit by the self-parking car, along with the guy who was filming the video. Now, I know this technology sounds like a great idea, but in reality it's not working so well.

This is the second time Volvo has had issues with self-operating cars, as DailyDot claims a similar incident happened back in 2011. According to, the victims in this incident were only bruised by the Volvo XC60.They also report the accident happened because the operators forgot to place the care in "City Safe" mode.

Now I am extremely curious to find out the different safe mode settings this car has. Maybe they created some for deer, the elderly, baby on board, or even stuck in traffic modes. The possibilities are endless, but what really matters is if they are actually going to work.

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