They're not having any luck getting people to pay to ride these things so, now they're giving rides away.

If you really want to ride the streetcars but, don't have $1.50 ... in exact change mind you .... don't worry. Just hang tight until June 17th and from then through Labor Day, you can ride them for free.

They also have a new app you can use to keep track of the street cars. (I wonder how much developing that cost?) According to the El Paso Herald-Post, the app will:

  • Track the real-time location of the Streetcar
  • Get real-time arrival information on all 27 stops
  • Access announcements on special programming and events
  • Receive alerts related to the streetcar’s service
  • Highlight favorite pick up locations and stops
  • View information about fares, hours of operations and ticket vending location

These things have been a failure from the beginning and continue to lose money.  What do you think? Should the city continue clinging desperately to this fiasco or, shut 'em down and find something that actually makes money?



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