The Lee Trevino turnaround will close briefly tomorrow morning, at approximately 10am, as the procession rolls through.

The 2017 "Run For The Wall" is coming through El Paso tomorrow morning and will cause a brief closure of the Lee Trevino turnaround. People are encouraged to stand on the turnaround with American flags to salute the riders as they make their way to Washington DC.

Every year thousands and thousands of bikers make their way across the country, via three different routes, in a rolling tribute to our veterans. Bikers will begin arriving in Las Cruces Thursday evening, spend the night and then continue their journey Friday morning.

Riders start in small packs around the country and, as they travel, the groups get bigger. By the time they all hit Washington, there will be around 350,000 bikes. For more info, visit the runs website or check out their Facebook page. To sign up for the run, click here.