Living with 10 people can be difficult, doing it on a cramped bus is damn near impossible. That's why these rules are important.

From not stinking it up, to being respectful of others, to sleeping in a "safe" position; these are important.  I found them at and there are more, these are just the biggies!

  • Be cool to the driver and remember, he's got rules too. For example, don't get pissed at him for not driving straight through the night. (They can only drive "x" hours a day.)
  • Don't get off the bus without telling anyone.
  • Don't bring everything you freakin' own aboard. Luggage goes under the bus but, do bring your necessities. (No pulling over 'cuz your toothbrush is in your suitcase.)
  • Always lock the damn door. Peeps are crazy and won't think twice about hopping on the bus to get some personal time or to rip you off.
  • YOU are responsible for anyone you bring on the bus and check with the others before doing so.
  • The toilet is for liquid waste only. If you have any "business" to handle, do it at the hotel, the venue or a truck/rest stop
  • Bunk space is sacred. If it's not yours, stay out!
  • Sleep with your feet toward the front of the bus. If the driver slams on the brakes, and you're lying the other way, you could literally "bang your head".
  • Germs don't like the cold so keep the bus between 65 and 72 degrees. If that's too cold, bring a jacket.
  • Everyone loves to party but, don't be THAT guy. If you can't handle your alcohol, don't drink any.

That's just a "top 10". Got any more?

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