Want to trade?

Don Maynard

I was visiting my daughter and grandson Hunter last night in there new apartment when I noticed there home was in need of some furnishings. They need a kitchen table because no one should have to sit on the ground to eat, not even Ethiopians.

Well maybe Ethiopians with flies in there eyes but not my daughter and grandson.

I was watching this new show where two guys start with an item then trade up to what they need.

That got Ronson's brain a rollin. I have some items laying around that people might want but don't want to pay cash so I thought about porn but that didn't work so I thought about a trade with someone.

The football is signed by BOTH Campbell and Maynard. BTW, Both H.O.Fer's

Classic Ray Bans



A Classic set of Ray Bans. (Ronson not included)

So, take a look at these items and look around your place and see what you might want to trade and get rid of out of your casa. What’s the craziest or naughtiest thing you’d be willing to trade?

You can e-mail me at sronson@klaq.com

Have a great weekend freaks and good trading to me and you!

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