There is this place that is located in Tucson, Arizona that is a bright and beautiful sight! This place was actually closed when we were passing through Arizona but still made a quick stop. We drove around the amazing lights that were gated all along the park since it wasn't open. You will see above in the short video I got and that is only a small section compared to the whole park of lights that are up. If you're up for visiting a wonderland of lights this place is definitely worth the road trip. They have their own version of the Eiffel Tower and a huge castle among many other bright light attractions. The Lights of The World not only have a bunch of lights but also have amusement rides as well. This attraction will be open all the way up until January 2, 2019. This is a road trip that would be worth it for either the whole family or with a group of your friends to explore. There is a lot for you to scope out in the land that is literally lit up! This short video doesn't do justice for just how many lights structures are actually all around.

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