One of my favorite listeners sent me a link about a Christian group that is trying to have a life-size dinosaur statue removed from outside of a McDonald’s in Tucson. Here’s what it looks like:

Tucson Sun

That is a much cooler T-Rex statue than I was expecting! And, look! He’s even wearing a mask…after all, he is pretty old so that puts him into a high risk category.

The story in that link says the group, Christians Against Dinosaurs is “dedicated to the belief that dinosaurs never existed at all but are, in fact, a scam perpetrated by scientists, possibly as part of some liberal plot against religion”.

I had a pretty good idea of what this was all about but I wanted to check their page out. I discovered that you had to join the group to see any of their posts. So, I tried to join.

That’s when I got hit with a multi-part questionnaire. “What religion are you a member of?”, “When did you first realize dinosaurs never existed?”…geez. I didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition (but who ever does?).

So, I gave up. I mean, fun’s fun, but who has the time.

The following day I found that I HAD been accepted into the group. I’m enjoying it greatly! Here are some highlights I’d like to share.

“The group was created by Christians to show other Christians the ridiculous things toy companies, food companies, Hollywood and others produce to make us and our children believe the ‘dinolie’.”

They are opposed to the “Museum Industrial Complex” who are behind the “greatest hoax of all time…dinosaurs!”

They are also against “Big Paleo”.

“Fossils” are actually created by man. (This actually contradicts what MY Sunday School teacher told me when I was 7. Dinosaur bones were ACTUALLY placed there by Satan!

They’re also pretty mad that Facebook labeled them a “humor page”.

So, there you have some of the basics about Christians Against Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs never existed but, apparently, trolls still do!

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