If you want to see some great, up and coming local talent ... for cheap ... check this out!

River Moon Records are celebrating their first anniversary with a concert featuring Andrea Castro and several other music students who have studied at River Moon. River Moon is a fully functioning recording studio that offers music classes as well as recording facilities and they also own their own record label. Andrea will also be debuting her first single on River Moon Records, "B - Alright" as part of her performance that night.

Students will be singing as well performing on various instruments including ukulele, guitar and drums. The showcase takes place June 1st at The Glassbox, 210 Poplar. Admission is $5 and you can bring your own booze!!  The concert starts at 7pm.  For more info, contact River Moon Records here.  The recording and artist development studio itself is located at 6424 Gateway East, close to Hero Music.

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