Could there really be such a thing as smoke without fire? E-cigs (electronic cigarettes) don't need a flame to produce smoke. One local business has been booming with sales because of this new craze. The device works by heating up the liquid to create the vapor. They come in many different flavors like unicorn’s butt, duperberry, and Rumchata. Unlike tobacco smoke, you can use e-cigs to do different kinds of cool tricks. Just check out the video below.
This conversion of smokers has developed a new kind of smoker called Vapers. Since no smoke is produced and the vapor that comes out of the device is odorless, many people are able to “vape" inside buildings or wherever they like. A lot of people have credited e-cigs with helping them to stop smoking. It is a proven method on any type of smoker that a electronic cigarette has helped the user stop smoking completely. Personally, I can attest to substantially improved health since I stopped using tobacco products and switched to e-cigs. My persistent smoker’s cough has disappeared, I do not get winded as easily, and my senses of smell and taste have improved. Your mileage may vary.
E-juices are available in a wide range of flavors. Juices can be mixed to the user’s taste. E-cigs are also cool because you're able to do tricks with the vapor unlike normal tobacco products.

Here's a couple of places that sell E-Cigs
El Paso Vapor
3039 McRae
El Paso, Texas 79925
Phone: 915-999-1976
Vape Amor
912 Texas Ave Ste B
El Paso, Texas
Phone: 915-838- VAPE
Monkey Vapes
8401 Gateway East
El Paso, Texas
Phone: 915-881-8960
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