Jose Cuervo knows how to take the edge off for some on this daring adventure! This adventure consists of riding the express train from Guadalajara safely landing in Tequila, Mexico. This kind of trip isn't just about drinking tequila but it's okay if it is. But this trip also focuses on expert tastings and even give you a tour of the Jose Cuervo Distillery along with a Mexican cultural show. You can have your tequila how you want it either to take as a shot or sit back and sip. There is no judgment on the Jose Cuervo Express Train if you plan on getting hella faded. This kind of trip sounds like bad decisions and regret in the morning which some people like. If your particular poison is Jose Cuervo and you could use a break, this trip is exactly what you need. If you choose to partake in this unlimited tequila party on the train tickets are starting as low at $111!

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