We made it to the weekend so, let's party like rock stars ... around here, maybe even WITH some rock stars!

The new thing in rock seems to be bands and musicians coming up with their own booze. (Click the links for more info.)

Sooooo, when are El Paso's rock heroes getting in the game?  The type is without question ... it HAS to be a tequila.  The question is, WHO should do it?

Several members of Ministry call, or have called, El Paso home.  Robert Ortiz of Escape The Fate is a homie and all 4 Pissing Razors members, as well as Pepe from Kyng live here. (I know there are others but, let's start there. We'll do another "round" later!)

I think it should be a really smooth silver, called "Ta-Kill-Ya" by __insert band name here__, Who do you guys think should do it?

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