The El Paso Trolley has not run since March of 2020, shut down amid the Coronavirus outbreak. It has remained closed since then but that’s all going to change on Saturday.

In honor of Independence Day, the Streetcar will be back with several FREE events.

But, it will be for one day only, this Saturday July 3rd.

From 4 pm until midnight the Streetcar will give free rides. Riders can use the Streetcar, free of charge, and get on and off at the multiple stops along the 4.8 mile long route.

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Before the Covid shutdown in 2020, the El Paso Streetcar had been…let’s say…”dealing with a number of issues”. After a projected construction cost of nearly $100 million, the Trolley never made a profit. Ridership was far below projected levels. The city revealed that in 2016, the Streetcar project had been the victim of a “phishing” scam. Basically, a (scammer or scammers) sent bills for construction costs…which the city dutifully paid. To a phony contractor.

So, even before Covid, it had been a bumpy ride for the El Paso Streetcar.

The city is not saying yet if the rainy forecast could put a kink in the plans for the Streetcar’s majestic one-day return. But, considering one of the Streetcars was LITERALLY DERAILED BY A STRAY BASEBALL. I’m going to hazard a guess and say the rainy weather COULD play a factor.

If the Streetcars DO run on Saturday I say you should try to ride. At the rate they’ve been going, this could be the LAST chance to ride for all anyone knows.

Oh…also…you HAVE to wear a mask in order to ride. People are going to just LOVE that.

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