I love burritos. They are the most perfect food for on the go. Just get yourself a tortilla, throw in some sort of filling- barbacoa, carnitas, picadillo, etc. Maybe add some beans, or just make a bean burrito on it's own, delicious right?

Burritos are definitely evolving with the times, which I can appreciate. However, I'm beginning to notice a disturbing trend and I feel like I need to say something. While scrolling through TikTok, I've seen videos of places all over the country share their burrito recipes, and a lot of them involve adding rice to a burrito.

RICE?! As in, arroz?!

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Look at this burrito be ruined with rice.

I can accept beans in a burrito, but RICE?! No!

I'll even accept different and unusual fillings like fries or even Hot Cheetos, but rice?

I remember my first encounter with rice in a burrito. My family and I went to Downtown LA for lunch, where I ordered a burrito de carnitas, they asked me "with everything?" Because I was hungry, I replied "yes", thinking that it would just include salsa maybe beans, but when I bit into it, the rice surprised me! It wasn't bad, I just wasn't expecting it. But it also didn't become my favorite.

Don't get me wrong, I love rice. I like beans, I like rice separately! Rice has no place being inside a burrito!

I've only ever experienced this while in California, is it just a thing there? Because I have never seen a burrito place here in El Paso, besides Chipotle, offer rice in their burritos? Should I give it another try? However, I think this is the perfect burrito (even with the fries!).


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