Some great restaurants have come and gone in El Paso. Here are a few that I really miss.

The Back Door Lounge. It was located at the corner of Mesa and Rio Grande. They moved Downtown briefly but closed that location quickly. Best place ever for drinks and a burger or sandwich.

I still have dreams about their Philly Cheesesteak. I have never had another, anywhere, that was even close to as good as theirs were. The Haskins burger, inspired by and named after UTEP basketball Coach Don Haskins, was pretty good too.

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Adolf's. It was located on Airway, a few doors down from Bart Reed's Comic Strip. Their chicken tacos and the accompanying salsa were the shizzle.

Big Al's Wings And Suds. Big Al's moved in to Adolf's former spot on Airway. Great food, great drinks and, eventually, a cool meeting spot for me as well as artists playing ... and KLAQ winners or fans going to ... concerts across the street.

At a certain point, Club 101 was across the street and many of the bands that played their, (Sick Puppies, Static X, Deftones, just to name a few), and I enjoyed the food there before their concerts. We had plenty of "liquid lunches" in there too.

It has since been completely remodeled and turned into a Wing Daddy's.

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Geo's, near the intersection of Hercules and Dyer. It was a diner type setup offering burgers, hot dogs and lots more including some amazing chicken tacos. My favorite.

Geo, (George), himself would tend the counter and cook. It was an Asian restaurant for a minute post Geo's. The entire building was demolished and replaced with a strip mall.

The one thing El Paso doesn't need anymore of.

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