People are still trying to video bomb live broadcasts by shouting that popular vulgar saying #FHRITP. I think it's starting to get old, but these two guys try to defend why this disrespectful act is still hilarious.

Alright, I'll admit it was funny the first time I saw it. The next five times after that it still made me chuckle, but now it's just sad. Anchors are actually trying to work and companies can get in trouble for letting F-bombs out on a live broadcast. Basically, your lame 15 seconds of fame isn't worth ruining someone's career.

Finally, one anchor Shauna Hunt decided to finally ask some guys who have been waiting around to gain enough courage to video bomb her live broadcast at a Toronto FC game on Sunday.

The guy's excuse for wanting to embarrass Hunt on live television was, "I don't care, It's f@%&king hilarious."  Yeah, that sounds like a legit reason.

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