National Hispanic Heritage month has just begun and to celebrate, WalletHub looked at all 50 states to see which are the most diverse in America. America is known as a melting pot full of people from all over the world, blended together various cultures all into one. But some places of the U.S. have more of a diverse make-up than others. The finance website WalletHub decided to find out which states were the most diverse looking at certain key factors including income diversity, educational-attainment diversity, racial and ethnic diversity, linguistic diversity, birthplace diversity, industry diversity, occupational diversity, worker-class diversity, marital-status diversity, generational diversity, household-type diversity and household size diversity. When looking at these key factors, Texas came up in one of the top spots. Here is how the Lone Star state came out:

Diversity in Texas (1=Most Diverse, 25=Avg.):

  • 21st – Income Diversity
  • 10th – Educational-Attainment Diversity
  • 3rd – Racial & Ethnic Diversity
  • 3rd – Linguistic Diversity
  • 26th – Birthplace Diversity
  • 1st – Industry Diversity*
  • 19th – Occupational Diversity*
  • 30th – Worker-Class Diversity*
  • 28th – Marital-Status Diversity
  • 17th – Household-Type Diversity
  • 5th – Household-Size Diversity
  • 6th – Religious Diversity

Read more about this report at the WalletHub website.

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