Remember making that extra stop at the pet store while shopping at Sunland Park Mall and Bassett Place? We all felt the same pain inside when the malls got rid of the pet stores that used to exist inside the malls. Pet stores inside the mall always eased those long days of shopping that some of you dreaded as a child then. At Bassett Place, there was a pet store that you knew by the name of Jolly Jim’s, it was directly across from Target. It was the store you always ran to first as soon as you walk through the entrance doors. Jolly Jim’s was the place I always stopped by before and after my parents did their shopping. The only times shopping wouldn’t be a problem is if you went to Sunland Park Mall or Bassett Place. The Sunland Park Mall pet store had the hexagon shape cage you could stand by and pet the puppies. If your significant other doesn’t remember the pet stores then he or she is too young for you bro. If you remember the pet stores inside Bassett Place Or Sunland Park Mall, take the poll below.


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