Remember the day they blocked off certain roads because of the City Hall demolition? Sure a lot of people felt bummed about saying goodbye to what was the city hall but are happier now with the turnout of the ball park.

Everyone got to witness the 34-year-old building turn to dust so we could enjoy what we have now.... Southwest University Park home of the El Paso Chihuahuas. Then there were those who felt the opposite kind of emotion and were sad to see it destroyed. I am hoping by now that those others now have a change of heart after checking out a game or two. Some El Pasoans had said it was like an end of an era to see a building you always drove by, visited or worked inside just be demolished so quick. Just the day before on Saturday, the large smokestacks at Asarco were also taken down. Ryan Hall had a good view of the demolition and recorded it in slow motion.

Sometimes it is nice to go back and re-visit memories that will always have a place in our hearts!

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