It seems like just yesterday I was experiencing the sight, sounds, and smells of my first El Paso Downtown Street Festival! Some of it good, some bad but over all the spectacle of the biggest party to hit downtown was rocking!

The year was 2009 and I had never had a job like this one. At the time I was still on the Buzz Adam's Morning Show, and had just been hired into our promotions department. My life would never be the same. This event really brings forth great memories, and the first one is usually the best and this one was! Our headliner for classic rock night was The Cult. Now if you had told me in high school I'd be sitting in the green room while Billy Duffy and Ian Ashbury were making the set list for that nights show well I think you know my response. Being a huge fan of the band their tour manager made me their go to guy! Awesome!

Eight years later and now an on air talent for KLAQ my how life has changed. I love this job as well as the listening public who make this ride keep rolling. I'll see you all out here ready to rock!!