Got another new vid to start your weekend with peeps!!  This time, it's from Redlight King!The latest song from Redlight King, "Times Are Hard", has been doing really well, cracking the top 15 chart - wise!  Now, there is a video to go along with the song from "Irons In The Fire".

I was totally impressed with the first Redlight King video, Born To Rise, when I saw it because;

  • 1) it had motorcycles in it!
  • 2) Redlight King did his own stunt riding!
  • 3) it had motorcycles in it!

He does some pretty impressive riding in that vid!  To see for yourself, click this link!

Redlight King is currently touring with Seether and they have dates scheduled all the way through July.  The closest dates to us ... Tucson and Mesa Arizona ... have already passed though.  Bummer, but maybe we'll be included on the next leg!

Check out the new vid for "Times Are Hard"!