Just in time for the creepiest day of the year, comes the creepiest band in the Borderland.

A band perfectly themed for the Halloween season has chosen Halloween 2020 as the perfect time of the year to release their new video. Folks, this is Bloody Elephante and here is their new video for the oh so aptly titled, "Bloody Saturday". (See more here.)

The band itself is a veritable treasure trove of local talent with each member having quite a musical past. They are also, as the names should indicate, a family affair. ("The family that slays together, stays together!") Vocalist, writer and Bloody Elephante founder Lincoln Gier has fronted many Borderland bands including 11:11 and Night Must Fall. Guitarist, writer and Linc's brother, James Gier, has also been around the block a few times having been in the band Metalfields with his older brothers Lincoln and Lance Gier as well as a number of solo projects.  Bassist Lance Gier also has a colorful past in the El Paso music scene having been in 11:11, Texas Roadkill and several other area bands. Another Gier, Zac this time, was Bloody Elephante's drummer. He however has left the band for bigger and better things as his family always knew he would and have always encouraged him to do. He has since been replaced by drummer David Arthur Hampton, formerly of the band Voyeur.

Remember the old ghost story about what happens when you say "Bloody Mary" 3 times?  Watch what happens when you say Bloody Elephante 3 times ...

Happy Halloween everyone, enjoy!

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