live from studio c

Ohio rockers Red Sun Rising have been making quite the impact on the rock world in the past few years. Their debut album Polyester Zeal peaked at an impressive #11 on the Hard Rock chart and at #7 on Billboard's Heat Seekers. The band first came to the Sun City over the summer, and had so much fun that they came back for more.

Red Sun Rising performed at Tricky Falls on January 29th, along with Pop Evil and up and coming band Badflower. While the band came in town, they wanted to meet some fans so we set up a pretty cool acoustic show for them to see. But we needed an awesome place to go, that would not only impress the bands but make listeners want to come and hang out too. No offense to our conference room, but it's a little too corporate for us rock-loving types.

We made friends with the guys from Star City Studios Productions and after seeing their set up knew we hit the jackpot of cool places to take bands that isn't our conference room with the purple carpet. (No really, it has purple carpet.) We needed some pros to make sure we captured the best sound we could for these bands who were giving their time to meet us and their fans.

So we asked them, and they said, "Sure -- Studio C is perfect for that." And that's how we named the series. (MYSTERY SOLVED!) Anyway, a big thanks to them for hosting us.

Red Sun Rising -- "The Otherside (Acoustic)"

Red Sun Rising -- "My Muse (Acoustic)"

Red Sun Rising -- "Emotionless (Acoustic)"

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