The months are heating up, and that means one thing in Texas - it's time to cool off! You've probably got plans to head down to Galveston, or at the very least, spend a weekend down at Lake O' The Pines. But what if I told you that you didn't have to do either of those? Instead, you could have your own waterpark in your backyard that you and up to 36 of your closest friends can enjoy for an entire weekend this summer?

"Lauren, 36 of my friends?"

Yes - we'll get to more of that in a moment.

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I want you to check out Red Sands Ranch, another incredible Texas getaway that could be perfect for a bachelorette weekend (bachelor weekends are cool too), a team retreat, or especially a birthday celebration - and sorry, no keggers.

Red Sands Ranch is just a daytime drive to Mason, TX - about 5 1/2 hours from Tyler. The getaway is listed on VRBO and described as "a private ranch resort with charming native-stone cabins, poolside cabana, 140' 4-story waterslide, lighted tennis court, 3000' airstrip, fitness center, full-court basketball, pickleball, game room, hot tub, river rapids, fishing, abundant wildlife, miles of trails, and plenty of other activities for all ages."

Sign me up!

The grounds consist of 3 cabins included in your base price that can sleep up to 12 people each:

  • Fish Camp: a native sandstone cabin with local river-rock fireplace. The covered back porch includes a hammock and overlooks the river and huge pecan trees below.
  • Lorenz House: the largest of the 6 cabins, named after the pioneer family that settled this section of the ranch in the mid-1800's. Bonus: it includes a covered porch swing with views of the bluffs and mountains across the river.
  • Bunkhouse: 4 twin beds and a sink/vanity with beautiful views from a balcony cantilevered out over the pool. This is the best unit for older kids.

Each cabin also comes with a kitchen set up - but who's really cooking inside when you'll want to be grilling outside on a Texas summer night?

The biggest draw for Red Sands Ranch has to be its ability to cater to the outdoor-lover. The 4-story water slide, pool, and tennis court are fun for all ages. Plus, you get a section of Llano River all to yourself - how cool?

So how much is this going to set you back? Days during peak season (aka Summer) Red Sands can go for up to $2595 per night (not including the 4 extra cabins that sit on property, or add-ons like kayaks, golf carts, mountain bikes, and other recreational equipment). In that price, the entire resort is yours - you don't share with another family. You'll have to add in a cleaning fee of $395. When you divide that total cost between you and your 36 friends, you're only looking at only $80 a night per person. Not too shabby!

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