So I keep telling my friends I want to get a Harry Potter tattoo, and they're replies usually range between,"How old are you?!" and "don't tell anyone that if you ever want to get laid again." But this post is to prove I am not the only loser out there that wants to represent my geekiness for life.

Here is a compilation of real tattoos people got to show off their loserness to the fullest. Would you get one of these tattoos? Or will you hide your Lord of the Rings and Spiderman doll under your bed for the rest of your life?

Let me know! Or better yet, add your very own tattoo and show off it off on the Q website! Post it to me on my facebook and I'll add it to the gallery!

If you want to see a full gallery of Harry Potter tattoos click here.

To see a full gallery of Disturbing Star Wars tattoos click here.

For the Lord of the Rings full tattoo gallery click here.

And lastly for the Comic Book tattoos click here.



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