If you have a LinkedIn account, you may have a few dollars coming.

LinkedIn, if you don't already know, is sort of a "Facebook for professionals." It allows people to post their skills, experience, talents, etc., for others to see -- including potential employers.

LinkedIn feature, called Add Connections, asked users for access to their accounts and started sending random emails to friends and associates that some found embarrassing. A lawsuit was filed against LinkedIn saying, according to Fortune.com, that Add Connections:

violated their right of publicity and was an unfair business practice. In the class action complaint, users explained how they were frustrated or mortified that LinkedIn sent a barrage of emails on their behalf. It cited comments from LinkedIn users who believed “Add Connections” was hurting their professional reputation, not helping it. Others pointed out it was nearly impossible to stop LinkedIn from sending additional emails.

Long story short, LinkedIn has allotted $13 million to pay subscribers for any inconvenience. If you're eligible, you should have received a claim number last Friday. To cash in, click here and then enter your claim number.