Our beloved phone screener, Joanna Barbacoa, just got her first tattoo on Friday.  Of course, she came to me to ask if I had any advice. I told her that there are a few questions everyone should ask themselves before making the decision to get ink done.
   "I know I love the band Goatwhore now, but will I still love them as much in 20 years?"
   " Are there any UPSIDES to having hepatitis?" 
   "Does this guy know his tattoo needle doesn't have an auto-correct function?" 
    " How can I be truly sure that this Chinese symbol doesn't really say 'Szechuan Chicken with Broccoli?'"
     " Am I 100% positive that THIS fad is going to be the first one that stays cool forever?"
      " Does this barbed wire armband actually make me look tougher or just cooler?" 
      " Will this butterfly still look cute in 10 years when it looks like a giant moth? How about in 20 years when it looks like a melting pterodactyl?" 
        "Do I HAVE to get a lower back tattoo or am I allowed to just go straight into porn?" 
        "Is it 'i before e except after c' or the other way around?"  

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