In this episode of "As The Ryche Turns", Geoff Tate and Todd La Torre are feuding, a "hate" contest goes down online and a local boy lands a job with Queensryche.

Queensryche (Geoff Tates version) and Queensryche 2.0 (Real Queensryche members with Todd on vocals) both have new CDs.  The problem?  Todd feels that Queensryches' cover art is a cheap shot at Queensryche 2.0

Todd says:

A monkey can decipher what that is. It’s below the belt. To me, it’s not what Queensryche was about. Queensryche wasn’t about the cheap shots – it was always more respectful and intelligent of that.

“When I first heard ‘Frequency Unknown‘ I thought, ‘That’s kinda cool.’ And then I saw the fist with the ‘FU’ and I was like, ‘Really?’ That’s not good for the brand. That’s not good for Queensryche to have the triryche in front of an ‘FU’. It’s immature, it’s angry – it’s stupid.”

Now now kids ... play nice!

Others have also had negative things to say about the "Frequency Unknown" release. (Haven't had anything to do with the cover though!)  So many in fact that Geoff actually started an online contest to see who can rag on it the hardest!


Finally, an El Pasoan now graces the Queensryche stage(s)!

John Moyer (Disturbed - Adrenaline Mob) has been tapped to fill in for Queensryche bassist Rudy Sarzo while he handles tour commitments in Russia for his other band Rockstar.  (Do any of these guys have "A" gig? Just one????)

John will do 5 dates that will include performing Operation: Mindcrime in it's entirety!

John issued the following statement about his new part time job:

“In a world where “albums” have been replaced by “singles” it is an honor to perform one of the greatest concept albums of all time from start to finish. Operation: Mindcrime is just as powerful today as it was 25 years ago. My thanks to Geoff Tate and Rudy Sarzo for asking me to fill in on these shows while Rudy is gone.”

Stay tuned for the next shocking/gripping/fill in your own adjective episode of "As The Ryche Turns"!!