One interesting thing that many Queens of the Stone Age fans know is that if you mess with frontman Josh Homme in any way while he's performing, the dude won't be happy. Homme has a few documented occasions of verbally assaulting fans who throw things at him, but in this clip from a recent gig, Homme tears apart a fan who jumps onstage and attempts to hug the frontman.

Queens of the Stone Age performed in St. Petersburg, Fla., on Feb. 4, and while playng 'The Vampyre of Time and Memory,' a fan rushed the stage, totally bypassing security and wrapping his arms around Homme. The result wasn't pretty, although Homme was able to restrain himself from beating the hell out of the stage crasher.

As evidenced in the video above, Josh Homme weaved some brutal sentences aimed at the fan. Don’t do that, because I’ll f---ing… I don’t care if you love me. You can stay right there dude. I don’t know what you’re trying to do," begins Homme. "You’re lucky I didn’t f--- you up bro. I’m here to play for you, not jerk you off, you f---ing douchebag."

Homme continued by addressing the crowd, "Cause we’re going to be together right? That motherf---er doesn’t know what we’re talking about. We’re talking about being together, I want to play it for, I want to show you something, I want to be together, you know? I wanna… I want to do something together, but I don’t want this a--hole to be up on the stage… F--- that guy. Long live us, but f--- this guy.” [via the PRP]

Funnily enough, this isn't the most brutal verbal attack Josh Homme has drilled into a fan. The musician's outburst at the 2008 Norwegian Wood Festival deserves that distinction. Queens of the Stone Age are currently on tour, so go check them out if they're stopping by your town. And for your own sake, don't mess with Josh Homme.

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