If you are "sheltered in place" and running out of things to do, try this.

The Borderland has an incredible amount of talented bands. From Las Cruces to La Luz and from El Paso across the border into Juarez; they're all over the place. You may not always have the opportunity to see them live ... especially since no one is even allowed to play anywhere these days ... but, you can hear some of them and learn more about them from the comfort of your home/point of shelter.

I write about them here at KLAQ.com as often as I can and, while I haven't gotten to all of them yet, here are a few from each of the areas noted to get you started. To read about more, click here or search "Local Band 101 - Vol." at KLAQ.com.

Pissing Razors - El Paso

Cordova - Las Cruces

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