We're going south of the border with this look at a great bunch of Local Locos!

Viva Las Vegas are a three piece band straight outta' Juarez!  Here's their story in their own words:

This is the story of 3 brothers from different mother's and how they discovered one another through music, alcohol and women. The band started in 2007, right from the start the young Vegas Brothers Started to gain much musical experience and playing any where from local, national and international stages.
Their touring has taken them all over two countries with stops in Juarez, Chih -
Villa Ahumada, Chih - Chihuahua, Chih - Delicias, Chih - Monterrey, NL - Reynosa, TAMPS - Guadalajara, JAL - Puerto Vallarta, JAL - Nuevo Vallarta, NAY - Sayulita, NAY and more. On the American side, they've played El Paso, TX - Carlsbad, NM -
Midland, TX - Odessa, TX - San Antonio, TX - Austin, TX - Houston, TX - Phoenix, AZ -
Winstom Salem, NC - New York, NY