"Purple Panda" was a character on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, which can still be seen in reruns on PBS stations.  Because of that, a lot of kids are familiar with him.  Mr. McFeely, also from the neighborhood, went to visit kids at a Pennsylvania daycare and took Purple Panda with him.   Not a good idea!  The kids freaked out!

Did you ever meet a character from a kids show that you loved but freaked you out when you met "it"  in person?   I went on the Bozo The Clown Show here in El Paso when I was a kid and was out of my mind excited!  I was even chosen to play the Treasure Chest of Toys game, you win and you get every toy in the chest!  Well, I didn't win, and the consolation prize  was a monkey that climbed up a stick.  I wasn't so happy with Bozo after that, but he didn't scare me!