Lately, I'm all about the animals huh??  Earlier, it was a dog that grinds and a goat that hates dirt bikes.

Today, it's another dog story.  This little guy's a hero who took a rattlesnake bite protecting his humans!  Maya Delarosa and her sister were playing near Hueco Tanks when a rattlesnake got within a couple of inches of them!

Maya said:

"Me and my little sister were making mud pies and I hear a hiss and a rattle and I look down and there's a snake."

Luckily, the girls grandmother and her 10 lb chihuahua mix "Psycho" (the name sure suits him!) were close by and Psycho went to work!  According to Maya:

"Psycho, he got in front of me and the snake bit him."

Psycho did indeed take a shot to the eye, but his vet says he'll be fine and most likely will not lose his sight.  The girls grandma, Martha Rodriguez, said:

I love my little dog but I mean he saved her life…Oh god! He's my, he’s my hero!"

Psycho rocks!!


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