So Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out on Blu-ray in one week (March 27). One of the extras we already know about is part of Director Rian Johnson's commentary in which he describes how Laura Dern couldn't keep from mouthing the word "PEW" whenever she would fire her blaster. Here's Laura Dern admitting that it's true on Colbert.

And here's a GIF with the proof. You can clearly see Ms. Dern mouthing "PEW" while shooting her blaster. This even made it into the finished theatrical release!

That's awesome!! A great, respected actor still can't overcome the child-like wonder of "playing" Star Wars. I can certainly relate. But doesn't it seem like men have some kind of natural ability to do "mouth sound effects"? Especially of things like laser guns, explosions and kaiju attacks? I also have video to prove this is true. Joanna and Lisa are the subject of my experiment, look how they can't.

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