Teachers get to have the last laugh since the upcoming school year is still questionable.

Before Texas began reopening, schools were considering homeschooling into the new semester.

It dawned on me that if the students will work from home, shouldn't that mean they should lower the tuition fee?

Besides, it is not like the teacher is teaching from 8 am to 3 pm like before. Now they have so many chat sessions and the parent or guardian is left to do most of the teacher's job.

Would this be in any way considered unfair that parents are paying for a full-tuition for a job they're having to do?

My son attends a private school in Central El Paso and that tuition fee is quite pricey. The time he started homeschooling was right before their spring break in March. It is still unknown how long his school plans on homeschooling until in the new semester.

Before COVID-19 messed everything up, the staff at the private school were the ones working hard for their money. Now that the next school year could possibly be more homeschool, I believe private schools should consider lowering the tuition.

It isn't fair for the parent or guardian to pay the full tuition when the parent is doing most of the work. Besides no one has an idea of how long it will be until things return back to normal. But in my opinion, I believe parents paying for tuition should only pay for the time students are physically in school until they're out for next summer.

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