Last night's presidential debate saw a lot more fireworks than the first one!  Here's a fun quiz you can take to test your knowledge of the candidates and the issues.

1.) Mitt Romney reminds me of...

a.) A game show host

b.) A Hanes Underwear Model from the 70's

C.) A pastor of a mega-church

"God is on YOUR side. So, if you think I'm a jackass, I guess that means God agrees."

2.) When I saw that Candy Crowley...

...was the debate moderator, my first thought was....

A.) Why is Carnie Wilson moderating the debate?!?

B.) Why is Camryn Manheim moderating the debate?!?!

C.) How did her parents know she was going to love candy so much when they named her Candy?!? Eerie!

3.) What do you think was going through Mitt's mind when Obama stood up to confront him?