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Mitt Romney’s Concession Call to Barack Obama [Video]
If you're like me, you wondered what the concession call sounded like when Mitt Romney called Barack Obama to congratulate him for winning another term.
Apparently Jimmy Fallon thought the same thing because he put together a very funny video in which, Mitt Romney (Jimmy Fallon) calls President …
President Obama Wins The Election Taiwanese Style [Video]
The country has spoken and once again President Barack Obama will be our president for four more years!
It was just a matter of time before we got those crazy Taiwanese animators take on the election. And I have to give them a lot of credit, this might be one of their best parody videos yet.
Obama Vs Romney Video Game Style-Who Ya Got? [Video]
Thank god election day is finally here! Months of President Obama and Mitt Romney going at each other ends today. If you're like me you got sick and tired of them just talking about the issues.  I thought during the second debate they were actually gonna fight...

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