I never got into and now I'm glad. It looks like President Trump is going to ban the social media app Tik Tok here in the United States. Is Trump serious about banning the app r is this a negotiation tactic? US officials have been concerned about the safety of the app because it's owned by a China-based company, and they are collecting all sorts of data. And THAT my friends, is something only our government should be doing without our knowledge. Just ask Obama, he set that whole thing up.

I've been able to find a couple of stories this morning about Trump banning Tik Tok. THIS ONE HERE talks about Trump banning it. There are a couple different options Trump could use to ban it, including an executive order.

Now, THIS STORY HERE, says that the threat to ban Tik Tok is simply a negotiation ploy by Trump to gain control of the app. Bytedance is the company that currently owns Tik Tok and they've been wanting to keep at least a minority share in the company, while selling off parts of it. However, a new proposed deal would give complete control of Tik Tok to Microsoft.

You hear that? Microsoft. You know, the company started by Bill Gates. The same guy that conspiracy theorists believe is trying to microchip all of us to take complete control. That's an interesting conundrum. Which side of that battle would you pick? China? Or Bill Gates? Of course, if you don't believe the conspiracy theories, it's an easy decision. Team Gates.

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