There is nothing like discovering a possible ghost image in one of your pictures. Well, that is what I came across on a picture of mine in my photo gallery. I was cleaning out my photo albums to help clear up some memory on my cell phone.

I came across two pictures from me and my son's visit to the International Museum of Art. When you visit the International Museum of Art on Montana Avenue they have a beautiful mirror close by to the entrance. Just to let you know they keep that museum in tip-top shape. I remember telling my son to keep his hands off the mirror because it was so clean with no prints or anything.

After getting a tour of the entire building I wanted to get some pictures with me, my son, and the mirror. I had him stand in front of the mirror first and took his picture.

Instead of asking one of the volunteers to take mine, I simply just took a selfie of myself. I didn't really analyze the pictures we took in front of the mirror until now. I had to zoom in and do a double-take on MY picture.

I took some screenshots of my selfie zoomed in to help you see what I saw. What it looks like to me is a skeletal face right above me. I made sure to highlight and circle where the image is in case you wouldn't notice it. Do take into consideration the mirror was as clean as a whistle and didn't show in my son's picture.

Let me know in the poll below if you believe it was a ghost or something else.

Possible Ghost Reflection

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