Just as EPISD was planning on getting students back to in person schooling, there has been a rise in positive COVID-19 tests. Enough positive tests in the city that EPISD has had to postpone face-to-face schooling. CLICK HERE for more on that.

Well, not only are there positive tests increasing across the city, but there are positive tests popping up at area high school. There have been 5 new confirmed cases at El Paso Independent School District, including 2 new cases of Irvin High School students, one student at Franklin High School, plus a student and a staff member at Coronado High School. All five that have tested positive were on campus recently. Officials from the district have said that those that were in close contact with the infected individuals have been notified. Along with notifying those that came into close contact, EPISD has said they have also disinfected two of the schools.

We talked about EPISD's decision to reopen schools on the air and there seems to be a chunk of the population that thinks the schools should just be open. To Hell with safety and preparation, the schools need to open. Well, this could be just a sign of things to come. We have seen what happens when you open schools too soon. The number of positive tests goes up drastically. I'm not saying we shouldn't open schools. I think it can be done. But it has to be planned out properly with everyone on the same page. And unfortunately it feels like everyone is only concerned with how this situation affects them.

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