When you’re on the road on a windy day you never know what you will bump into. When you’re on the roads in El Paso you can expect the unexpected to happen. Normally on a windy day, you’re used to seeing all sorts of debris flying around. The days our winds are more intense than the usual is when you see bigger things out of place. The day I decide to take an alternate route was the day I almost ran over a porta potty. I can't grasp the fact that the porta potty was still standing right side up and didn't tip over. When we have high winds it can be a major problem for us on the road. Recently I ran into a problem and assume you did as well after the high winds we had. You will see the problem I encountered on the road as I was heading to work above. I have seen everything else like a tumbleweed and trash bin, but to see a porta potty was shocking. Place your vote below on what you bumped into on the road!

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