To be quite honest, I hate grocery shopping in general -- but if I have to do it, then there is one specific New Mexico store I'll be going to. Buying the weekly groceries is made a little bit easier when I get to stroll down this particular store's isles.

And as it turns out, I'm not the only one in New Mexico who favors this grocery chain just a bit more than others in the state. It is actually the most popular grocery store in New Mexico, according to Wisevoter. 

Can you guess what grocery store New Mexico residents love most?

Determined by foot traffic to different grocery stores in the state, Albertsons is the New Mexico favorite.

According to the data, Albertsons is actually a favorite of 9 U.S. states in total. I'd say everyone in these states has great taste. For food and shopping for groceries.

When looking at the Albertsons site, you'll see that there are actually only 6 of the stores in New Mexico -- one in Farmington, one in Gallup, one in Silver City, and three in Las Cruces. It's amazing that with so few stores in the state, it's still a favorite.  Obviously, they're doing something right.

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No matter what you prefer, there is a grocery store out there for you

While I don't mind shopping at Albertsons, I know there are some people out there who don't like it so much. And you know what, that's totally fine!

In fact, Arizona has more than double the amount of Albertsons New Mexico has, but it wasn't named as the state's favorite. Arizona's most popular grocery store is Fry's Food Store. And no other state bordering New Mexico has Albertsons as its favorite either.

Pont being, shop wherever you want!

If you want to see the favorite grocer of every state, you can do so here. 

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