Some stores are requiring customers to wear a mask while shopping. Almost all the rest of them are strongly encouraging it. The way some people are reacting to this would make you think that they’re being asked to do something extremely onerous like plant a victory garden (WWI), save scrap metal (WWII) or go off and potentially be killed (all of them). But, somehow, putting a cloth over your mouth and nose is cause for The Revolution. First of all, in most cases this isn’t the government. It’s the store’s policy, which they are entitled to do as laid out in the landmark case of No Shoes/No Shirt v. No Service.

So, with the exception of a few odd cranks, I’m assuming everyone is wearing a mask when it is store policy. That being said, how long do you wait after leaving the store before you take your mask off? Here are the choices I decided on:

  • A.) As soon as I clear the plane of the exit door.
  • B.) On my way across the parking lot to my car.
  • C.) As soon as I get inside my vehicle.
  • D.) It depends on if I think anyone is watching.

I’ll say I’m a C (inside my vehicle) but a lot of that is tied up in D (social shaming). I would take that mask off the second I leave the store except, and I’m not bragging, I am frequently recognized in this town. The last thing I need is for someone to see me without a mask in a busy parking lot , take a pic on the sly and Margo me. That’s right. I just used the mayor’s name as a verb. To “Margo” someone is to spot a person who has been vocally supportive of masks NOT wearing a mask and take their picture. I’m happy to toe the line on mask-wearing but, believe me, I DO NOT want to be Margo-ed.

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