A poisonous gas that was accidentally released under a Amarillo home causing a HAZMAT situation that killed four children and left six others hospitalized.

A home in Amarillo, Texas was the scene of a tragic accident that took the life of four children and left 6 others in the home hospitalized.

According to the Amarillo Fire Department, someone at the residence put a pesticide, Weevil-Cide, underneath the house. When someone tried to wash away the pesticide with water, the aluminum phosphide in the pesticide created phosphine gas which is deadly. The fire department believes the residents of the home had been breathing in the toxic gas since Sunday.

There were ten people inside the home, four of which died. The deceased are Felipe Balderas, 7; Josue Balderas, 11; Johnnie Balderas, 9; and Yasmeen Balderas, 17. One child died at the scene while the other three passed away at the hospital. The children's mother is alive but in serious condition. She was airlifted to a hospital in Lubbock. The father is in intensive but is in stable condition. Four other children who were in the home are in the ICU in stable condition.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the family and Amarillo Special Crimes told WJLA "No criminal charges appear to apply at this time."

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