You can be part of a show without even knowing it at this Holiday Inn event! You can enjoy a 4-course dinner, iced tea, and coffee while a murder mystery is happening in front of your eyes. The Holiday Inn at Sunland Park will be hosting the murder mystery entertainment. You may find it a bit difficult to focus on the mystery while you’re grubbing out on the food. You will first begin with a salad before moving on to your entrée. They have 3 types of entrées that will satisfy any tummy. You have the option to either eat creamy citrus chicken, fresh roasted asparagus, and wild rice pilaf. Then there is pan seared salmon and vegetable pasta medley with the same sides as the chicken. To sugar coat the meal a little more, they will have assorted cheesecake to conclude stuffing your face. The murder mystery script is “Hollywood Hit” and fair warning you could be a part of the skit without knowing. The next showing is on April 6 and will begin at 6 pm. If you plan on attending you can purchase your tickets and don't forget to include you want to be a suspect.

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