There's basic social distancing and then there's extra social distancing. Because this is the apocalypse and there are really no fashion rules, it makes sense to kick it up a notch. Which is exactly what this person did in San Eli.

Belen Vega got this video of someone dressed up as a plague doctor coming out of a grocery store.

This is the perfect ensemble for when you feel like a regular face mask just isn't cutting it for you. Really, this seems like the perfect time to bust out your plague attire. If anything, this attire is perfect for social distancing because it seems like no one wants to come near them. The comments section of course went in a tizzy, especially when trying to figure out who was this strange and unusual creature? After some investigating, I found our plague doctor.

This is 16 year old Julian Alvarado.

Julian Alvarado


A history buff, who acquired his mask earlier this year before the pandemic, Julian collected pieces for his ensemble here and there as time went on. Julian says he's actually known to dress up every now and then. Anyone else getting Ghost vibes? Excuse me while I blast "Rats."

Julian Alvarado

We tip our hats to you Julian, in times like these, it's great to see people still expressing themselves creatively!