Family and friends aren't the only ones who give you a present on your birthday. The list of restaurants below hooks you up with a sweet treat on your day of birth. There are a lot of other places that will give you something on the house but only if you're a member. The list of restaurants below doesn't require you to be a member for a free treat on your birthday.

If you ever need some extra love on YOUR day these places are the best to celebrate your new age. I have enjoyed celebrating my birthday at Olive Garden, Applebee's, Denny's, and Chili's. They have always given you that extra attention not only from the staff but customers as well. Each restaurant offers you a different surprise to reward you for being born. You can earn free perks as early as breakfast when you hit up Denny's and the other places after!

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    Olive Garden

    If you plan on celebrating at Olive Garden, they will give you a free birthday bowl dolcine. It's a sweet treat that will end your night just right!

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    Applebee's is the place to make sure your neighbors in the next booths and tables know it's your birthday. They offer you a free ice cream sundae to ring in the day you came into this world.

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    We all salute Denny's for their extravagant freebie they offer! When it is your birthday Denny's gives you a Grand Slam meal on the house. The only way you can get it on the house is if you provide proof. Be sure to have your license or I.D. on hand to show your birthdate.

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    Another place you can get your sweet tooth on is at Chili's. They will serve you a free ice cream scoop to ring in your birthday the right way!