Feeling my inner pirate today!

Actually, this all started with me thinkg about Easter.  Easter eggs to be exact.  Not the ones the bunny brings; the little hidden gems inside dvds', games and apps!

I found a few of them I thought you might like (see below); but the best one was the pirate language feature on facebook.  Easy to use and loads of fun!  I've been annoying my on line friends with it all morning; now you can annoy yours! 

Don't rely on just the feature though; start making up your own pirate phrases!  Your friends will be laughing .. or ignoring you .. in less time than it takes Sunland Park New Mexico to come up with a political scandal!!

Here's how to reset your facebook page:

From your main Facebook account page, click on the small, downward-pointing arrow on the blue bar on the top of the window. A small menu should pop up. From there, click "Account Settings" and then the "Language" tab at the very bottom. Here you'll find pretty much every language under the sun, as well as two bonus English settings named "Upside Down" and "Pirate."

Aaaar matey; there be more easter eggs aboard yahoo.com cast yer eyes upon eeggs.com as well ya' scallywag!

Enjoy me hearties!!