In case you've ever wondered, cussing in El Paso, or anywhere in Texas, can totally get you in trouble with the law.

That's why I don't drive with a cop INSIDE my car ... one construction zone alone and I'd probably be looking at a life sentence.

Seriously, working your potty mouth in the lone star state is a no - no that DOES carry legal penalties. Granted, there's not exactly a "task force" out looking for violations.

Cussing in public, in Texas, can get you charged with disorderly conduct. That's a broad term that can apply to a lot of things but the penalty isn't exactly "light".

Disorderly conduct is a class C misdemeanor, which is punishable by a fine of up to $500. Firearms-related acts including discharging or displaying a gun in a public place is a class B misdemeanor. The maximum penalty for a class B misdemeanor is up to 180 days in jail and a fine of up to $2,000. -

So, watch your mouth in Texas ... unless the Dallas Cowboys are playing. Their fans are hardcore and if the team isn't playing well or the ref's are "influencing" the game ... as they sometimes do, I'm sorry ... I think fans get a pass on the cussing thing.

I don't know that for sure, I'm not a lawyer, but I do think there's some kind of a legal loophole on that one.

Other things that constitute disorderly conduct in Texas include making offensive gestures, (throwing fingers is out), "unreasonable" noise levels, (anything over 85db), discharging firearms in public, (obvious) and fighting. (Also obvious ... source)

That's not all, read more here ... and don't cuss if, (or while), you're doing any of these things. That could be a double whammy.

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