Pigeon Missed Connection El Paso

You never know where love will find you. Often, it's in the most surprising of places. Sometimes you're sitting outside the El Paso library minding your own business and without warning, you find yourself sharing a connection with another living being. It's both invigorating and beautiful.

Such is the case for John, who posted about the unsuspecting five minutes he spent in the company of a stranger on the Missed Connections page of the El Paso Craigslist.

In his moving attempt to rekindle the passion of those 5 minutes, John writes:

"I met this bird by the tree near the library, we chilled for like, 5 minutes & then without warning he just flew away. We really hit it off so if you see him, please let him know I miss that crazy son of a [Word that rhymes with witch, but starts with b. Obviously John's passion has moved him to resort to using profanity].  John"

So, I beseech you, good citizens of El Paso, to help John relive the magic of those five minutes (perhaps for the rest of his life?) by locating his potential soulmate. And before you're quick to pigeonhole (god, I kill me) John for being a "freak," "weirdo," or having "zoophilia," understand that, sometimes, the heart just wants what the heart wants.

Please join me in sharing this with all of your friends. If we all join forces, together we can be part of making something beautiful blossom in this dark, cruel world. Thank you and take care.


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