It's stressful when you wonder if you're next on the chopping block at work because of our current situation. These times are calling for desperate measures for some of our locals. So desperate that they're willing to take chances with their health in exchange for income. Lately, there have been rallies being held all over Texas. There was one in Dallas and some El Pasoans participated in the 'Open Texas Now Rally' recently. KTSM News Channel 9 caught some of the action from the rally.

All the action of the rally took place Downtown where there were two teams rallying. The 'Open Texas Now' side are workers in the small business owners and the food and drink industry. They need to make a living and earn some kind of income which is why they are for opening Texas now.

Then there are your counter-protesters, who are for people to staying safe even if it means no paycheck. While the 'Open Texas Now' Rally attendees were chanting the counter-protesters did some chanting of their own.

It is hard for me to give an answer right now because I luckily still have a job. If I had to though I would be team stay home. But if I was working in a different industry then I might have been team 'Open Texas Now' because of it. Take the poll below what team you're on.

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